Hampton Pool Trust

Frequently asked questions about the development plans

What’s happening with the planning process?

Our planning application has been with Richmond Council (LBRuT) since August 2016. In the period since our applicaton was made, LBRuT commissioned a viability study and has also been in consultation with the Greater London Authority (GLA). Detailed planning points have considered the potential development on Metropolitan Open Land and establishing that our plans comply with the current London Plan. Questions were returned to us on energy use and water runoff all of which have been addressed, so we hope to move forward in 2020.

How long will the building development take to complete?

Once planning approval is secured, we will begin a detailed design phase and appoint contractors. We anticipate the building works, which will be completed in four phases, will take approximately two years to complete. Each phase of the construction will only begin when the necessary funds are in place.

How much is it going to cost?

Project costs of the plan submitted to LBRuT are estimated to be £5.15m. This cost estimate, developed and refined by the quantity surveyor throughout the design process, includes construction costs and professional fees.

Where’s the money going to come from?

The realisation of the project is dependent on the successful application and receipt of significant grant funding. If the project is unable to attract sufficient grants then soft loans will be considered, most likely repayable over a 10-15 year period. Both HPT and YMCA St Paul’s Group will also make a contribution to the development from reserves.

Will the pool be closed during construction?

By phasing the project, our aim is to minimise disruption and allow the pool to remain open throughout as much of the work as possible. There may be short periods of closure required, but these will be well publicised in advance and will be kept to a minimum.