99.9% of people surveyed in a recent pool about customer experience of Hampton Pool said that they would recommend Hampton Pool to a friend and 22% said that Hampton Pool was perfect. This was a great message for Hampton Pool trust which has recently celebrated 30 years of growing success since saving the pool from closure in 1985. The survey was also a great response to the management of Hampton Pool by our management contractor YMCA LSW and to all Hampton Pool staff who work so hard on your behalf.

Apart from the overall favourable response to the activities and facilities of this treasured community response there were a number of suggestions about how to make Hampton Pool more perfect for more people in terms of improving the building. You wanted a changing village for families, a larger and better gym, a larger cafe with more covered seating, larger and better changing areas, a better car park, This is exactly what Hampton Pool Trust has had on its agenda since the public consultations of 2013.

Hampton pool trust has been working in partnership with YMCA LSW since the autumn of 2014 to progress the building plan. The feasibility plan for Hampton Pool which can be viewed here show the progress which has been made. This is a first draft of what the facility might look like. The aim is to have a separate changing village for families but also to retain separate changing rooms for men and women. There will be a larger gym and two fitness studios. Reception is planned to link two wings of wet and dry activities or swim and gym areas. The cafe will be extended with more winter accommodation with a lift for better access. The car park will be resurfaced and marked out with parking bays after the building works have been completed. A key focus is to improve the sustainability of the pool by using alternative forms of energy and upgrading plant and equipment. The building team are working with architect Will Wimshurst and M&E consultants Max Fordham. The aim is to start enabling works in 2016 with the final build completed in 2017.